Procedure is the way and order of conducting activities of well-conducting agencies, procedure-conducting persons and procedure participants; Other agencies and organizations are involved in resolving the case in accordance with the law. The process of resolving disputes through the procedural process requires the involved parties to have the skills to gather evidence and analyze , evaluate, use evidence…. In a flexible and accurate manner as a result of the proceeding process, it will directly or indirectly affect the litigants’ legitimate rights and interests.With a team of experienced lawyers participating in litigation in the People’s Courts. granted / Arbitration Center as an advocate or defender of the legitimate rights and interests of the litigants, BDS Law Firm always meets all requirements of customers in cases and cases such as: criminal, civil, economic, labor, land, administrative, marriage and family… The fields of participation in legal proceedings that BDS Law Company Limited is involved in include: – Bachelor of Lawyers and / or authorized representative participating in the resolution of civil disputes in the competent Court: Painting ch p on ownership and other rights to assets, Disputes on civil transactions, civil contracts, Disputes on Vietnamese nationality between individuals and individuals, Disputes on inheritance, Disputes on rights intellectual property, technology transfer, Disputes over compensation for non-contractual damages, Land disputes, Disputes related to the request for notarization of notarized documents, Disputes on compensation for damages caused by application administrative deterrent measures not in accordance with the provisions of competition law … .- To appoint lawyers and / or authorized representatives to participate in the settlement of disputes on marriage and family in competent courts: Divorce, dispute on raising children, division of property upon divorce; division of property after divorce; Disputes over division of common property of husband and wife during the marriage period; Disputes over changing a direct fosterer after divorce; Disputes over determination of fathers or mothers for children or determination of children for fathers or mothers; Disputes over alimony; Disputes over childbirth using assisted reproductive technology, surrogacy for humanitarian purposes, Disputes on raising children, division of property of men and women living together as husband and wife without marriage registration or upon cancellation ending law … .- Appointing lawyers and / or authorized representatives to participate in resolving business and commercial disputes at the competent court / commercial arbitration: Disputes arising in business activities business and commerce between individuals and organizations having business registration with each other and for profit purposes, Disputes on intellectual property rights, technology transfer between individuals and organizations, and for profit. , Disputes between a person who is not yet a member of the company but has a transaction on the transfer of contributed capital with c Mr. ty, member of the company, Dispute between the company and its members; disputes between a company and a manager in a limited liability company or a member of the Board of Directors, director, general director of a joint stock company, between members of the company with each other in relation to the establishment and operation of a company. activities, dissolution, merger, consolidation, division, splitting, handover of assets of the company, conversion of organizational form of the company …… – Bachelor of Lawyer and / or authorized representative participating in the settlement labor disputes in the competent People’s Court: Disputes on labor discipline in the form of dismissal or disputes on unilateral termination of a labor contract; Disputes over compensation for damages, allowances upon termination of labor contracts; Disputes between domestic servants and employers; Compete against social insurance in accordance with the law on social insurance, health insurance in accordance with the law on health insurance, unemployment insurance in accordance with the law on employment, insurance. occupational accident and occupational disease insurance in accordance with the law on occupational safety and sanitation, disputes over compensation between employees and enterprises and public non-business units sending workers to work in foreign contracts … – Appointing lawyers and / or authorized representatives to resolve complaints at the competent administrative agencies and / or participating in the settlement of disputes under administrative proceedings in Court competent people’s court.- Participating in defense or protection of the rights n and legal benefits for defendants / defendants / victims or persons with related rights and obligations / plaintiffs / defendants in criminal cases.